My husband and I have been together 13 years. About 3 nights ago he came to me and told me my best friend had been asking him to hook up . The next night he tells me that 6 months ago when my friend spent the night because we had all been drinking. That they messed around and even flirted for the following week. He didn’t care what I said to the first friend however he continued to try to protect the other one. He didn’t want me to confront her he just wanted me to forget and move on. Ofcourse I couldn’t so I did confront her which she denied it all. My husband was so mad at me for doing that. Remember they both faced me so many times knowing what they had done. So can anyone give me some advice??


So I’m having a hard time with my son. He’s 17 and will be 18 in February. He continues to do good in school and holds down a job. He lives at home and only has a permit. Today I went to take him to work and noticed a hickey on his neck. I immediately asked him about it and he said yes it is. He doesn’t go many places so I knew he did something in my house. We argued for a little while back and forth. He believes that since I had him at a young age that I should be happy he doesn’t have a baby. He thinks it’s ok for him to have sex in my house because he can’t do it anywhere else. Any advice on this?

I can’t watch him 24-7 but I don’t want him disrespecting me.

Loosing your mom

Sometimes when you loose someone that you thought would always be there really takes a toll on your life. I was only 18 when I lost my mom, whom was just 37. I often feel like no one on this planet knows what I’m going through. The day she passed I lost a huge part of myself. She was always there for me and was not only my mom but also my best friend. I got lucky that she was able to be there for my first child,her first grandchild. Only for a short time though. I cried for the births of my two other children,my marriage, my graduation because she wasn’t there. The weeks leading up to her death are very cloudy for me now. Some things I can’t get out of my head and others I wish I could remember better. I have lost so many people that were very close to me and that’s what I would like to write about. How someone lives through so many tragedies and is still going.

I want to do this so that I can help others so I hope my blog helps at least one person