So I’m having a hard time with my son. He’s 17 and will be 18 in February. He continues to do good in school and holds down a job. He lives at home and only has a permit. Today I went to take him to work and noticed a hickey on his neck. I immediately asked him about it and he said yes it is. He doesn’t go many places so I knew he did something in my house. We argued for a little while back and forth. He believes that since I had him at a young age that I should be happy he doesn’t have a baby. He thinks it’s ok for him to have sex in my house because he can’t do it anywhere else. Any advice on this?

I can’t watch him 24-7 but I don’t want him disrespecting me.

3 thoughts on “Teenagers 

  1. Oh golly!
    At least you can both talk openly, all be it with some attitude from him.
    And yes, he’s in your house, and not skulking around somewhere else, lying to you.
    Just as long as he’s being adult, and using protection.
    It’s difficult I know.
    Take care x


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